Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Party !


Today we were invited to a birthday party for our friends' 3 years old son. Since his birthday is 23th and mine is 22nd, every year they celebrate my birthday, too!
Upper Crust というお店のピザ。ここのピザは生地が薄くておいしい。お店はボストン周辺に15店ほどあるようです。

They ordered pizzas from Upper Crust.  Their pizza has a very thin crust, which I like.

My favorite pizza today was this white clam pizza. They used to serve lobster pizzas as well, but according to this friend, it is no longer available.

Vegetable salad.
Poirot もベランダから物欲しそうに顔を出しています。

Poirot was sticking out his head from the balcony, asking for some pizza!
ピザの生地を見せて“待て”と言うと、“いつまで待てばいいの?”と言った顔で私を見つめる Poirot。彼の首は90度以上曲がるようです。

Poirot was looking at me as if he was asking "Can I eat this pizza now? How long do I have to wait?" He can twist his head more than 90°!

Two birthday cakes at the end. The birthday boy got very excited and running around the room. We had a great time.

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