Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

感謝祭の翌日はブラックフライデーといって、クリスマスのためのショッピングシーズンの幕開けです。この日は多くのお店が朝4時ごろから開店し、バーゲンセールを行います。この日を境に各店が黒字に転じる (この不景気では赤字のままのお店もあるかもしれませんが) というのが呼び名の由来です。私たちも8時過ぎに Copley Place というモールに買い物に出かけました。

It's Black Friday!  We woke up a little bit early (but not too early like some people who are eager to get the best deals) and went to Copley Place (the mall in Boston) for some shopping.
モールはクリスマスの飾り付けで華やいでいます。今年のセールはどこもいまいちで、結局私が購入したのはドレス1枚だけ (来月の友人の結婚式で着る予定)。

This year we didn't find very good deals, and the only thing we got was my dress that I will wear at our friend's wedding next month.
お買い物の後、モールの中にある "Wagamama (わがまま)" という英国発のラーメン (?) 屋さんでお昼ご飯。ここは日本のラーメンと比べたらぜんぜんおいしくないのですが、ラーメンとは別の食べ物だと思えばまあ食べられなくはないです。

After shopping, we went for lunch at "Wagamama" in the mall.  This restaurant is originally from UK and serves so-called "ramen" and other "Japanese" dishes.  But to me these are totally different from (not even close to) the "authentic" Japanese food.

My husband ordered a set menu that comes with "yakisoba" (Japanese grilled noodles), "gyoza" (Japanese grilled dumplings) and freshly squeezed juice.  Gyoza didn't taste exactly same as Japanese ones.  There were several choices for juice, and he chose the carrot juice, which I didn't like at all but he seemed to be happy with its taste.

This is the yakisoba.  It was OK.

I ordered "Chili Ramen", which was a little bit spicy and had more like south east Asian flavor.  At least it made me warm...
その後、ぶらぶらと歩いて最近やっとボストンにやって来た "Pinkberry"

After the lunch we walked along Newbury Street and stopped at "Pinkberry" that finally opened a shop in Boston.  It was very good as always, but I got cold again...

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