Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trip to New Orleans Day 5

ニューオーリンズ最後の夜は、同僚夫妻プラス元同僚の4人で、NOLA へ夕食にいきました。このレストランは、有名なシェフ、Emeril Lagasse のレストランです。彼はこの他にもたくさんレストランや、自分のテレビ番組も持っています。

At my last night in New Orleans, I went to NOLA with my colleague, her husband and a former colleague.  This is one of Emeril's restaurants.

Bread.  I liked the one on the left (with green onion).

My colleague ordered "duck confit and fried egg pizza".  It was too big for one person, so she gave me one piece.  It was a little too salty.

I ordered "fried green tomatoes with citrus poached shrimp, baby arugula and white remoulade sauce".  I loved the sourness of green tomatoes.  In addition, we ordered "assorted baby lettuces with marinated grape tomatoes" and "today's gumbo".


My main dish, "garlic crusted drum cooked in the wood burning oven with Brabant potatoes, crimini mushrooms, bacon and sauce beurre rouge".  The portion was very big and I couldn't finish it.


My former colleague ordered "grilled pork chop with brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes, toasted pecans and caramelized onion reduction sauce".  This dish was also huge.


This is "braised beef short ribs with white bean pot-au-feu, homemade andouille and horseradish slaw".

My dessert was "sweet potato ice cream".  It tasted like pumpkin ice cream rather than sweet potato.


"Almond tart with chocolate ice cream, orange segments and Pedro Ximenez sherry reduction".  It looked very tasty, but since I was overeating every night, I was too full to even taste one bite.


""Warm ooey gooey cake with layers of moist chocolate cake, marshmallows and toasted coconut served with coffee ice cream".  This looked very sweet.
最後にコーヒー。色々な話に花が咲き、楽しい時間を過ごすことが出来ました。この後みんなで Cafe du Monde へ行き、さらにおしゃべり。ニューオーリンズは気候も暖かく、食べ物もおいしくてとてもいいところ。寒いボストンに帰るのが嫌になります。

Coffee at the end of the meal.  We talked a lot about interesting topics and spent very good time.  After the dinner, we then went to Cafe du Monde and talked more.  We all fell in love with New Orleans - warm weather, good food, and friendly people.  I didn't feel like going back to cold Boston...

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