Friday, November 26, 2010

Dinner at Bergamot

今夜は Somerville にある Bergamot というレストランに来てみました。ここは今年の4月(多分)にオープンしたレストランで、レビューではかなり高評価です。家からも近いしずっと試してみたいと思っていたのですが来る機会がなく、今回が初めての訪問です。

Tonight we visited Bergamont in Somerville for dinner.  This restaurant opened in April (I guess) this year, and got great reviews.  It is located near our house, and I wanted to eat here for a long time but never had a chance until now.

The bread was, well, not very good...

The chicken salad was served as amuse.  This tasted exactly chicken sandwich without bread...
夫は地元の Pretty Things という所のビール、Baby Tree を注文。ラガーによく似た味だそうです。

My husband ordered the beer called Baby Tree from the local brewery, Pretty Things (in Somerville).
私は3コースの Prix Fixe メニューを注文。まず最初にリークとジャガイモのスープ。これはまあ普通の味。

I ordered the three-course Prix Fixe menu.  The first course was leek and potato soup.  It was nothing special.

My husband ordered charcuterie as appetizer.  It was not bad, but we have had better ones elsewhere.

My main dish, roasted suckling pig.  This was definitely overcooked and the meat was dry.  I was very disappointed as my expectation was very high...

My husband's main, duck breast.  The center part of the meat tasted good, but the meat at the edge was too dry and tasted too salty.

My dessert, pumpkin bread pudding.  This was OK.

My husband ordered the pineapple cake.  This was the best dish we had tonight.  I didn't understand why this restaurant gets good reviews.  I guess it was the off night?  It may not be fair to judge any restaurant with just one visit, but we won't be back anytime soon...

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