Monday, November 15, 2010

Trip to New Orleans Day 3


The conference started from today, and I was in the convention center all day until the late afternoon.  My husband walked around in the morning and ate as much as he could before flying back to Boston by himself.

夜は同僚とそのだんな様の3人で、John Besh の別のレストラン、Lüke へやって来ました。ここは昨日行った August よりももっとカジュアルでお値段も手ごろです。

At night, I went out for dinner with my colleague and her husband to Lüke, another restaurant of Chef John Besh's.  This restaurant is more casual than August that I went with my husband last night.

ポークのパテ(の様なもの; rillette の日本語訳がわかりません)。ガラスのジャーにたっぷり入っています。これは見た目もおしゃれで、味も臭みがなくておいしい!

Rillette of Berkshire pork with savory marmalades and grilled country bread.  Quite a large amount of rillette was served in a glass jar.  It was not smelly and tasted pretty good.

豚足のコロッケ (?) のようなもの。外はさくさく、中は豚のコラーゲンでとろとろ。美味。

Pied de cochon “croustillant” sauce Gribiche.  Crispy outside, and jelly-like inside (lots of collagen).  Very tasty.

フォワグラ。このフォワグラはとろとろでちょっと甘め。このフォワグラについてきたパンが、なぜか揚げパン。かなり脂っこくて、フォワグラと合わせるのにはちょっときついかも。3人とも揚げパンではなく rillette に付いてきたパンと一緒に食べました。

Terrine of slow cooked foie gras with toasted brioche and sea salt.  This foie gras was very soft (almost melted) and tasted a litle bit sweet.  The bread accompanied with this foie gras was deep-fried, and was too oily to eat with foie gras.  We all eat it with the bread that came with the rillette.


My main dish, jumbo Louisiana shrimp “en cocotte” with McEwen and Sons cream white corn grits and Poche’s andouille.  It was too salty and also oily although I liked the grits.


My colleagues ordered this huge dish - Choucroûte maison house made sauerkraut, with Mangalista pork shank, belly and bratwurst.  But he finished it all!!


My colleague ordered Brendan’s bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and hot buttered pecan sauce.  As you can imagine from the picture, it was very sweet.


I ordered pumpkin crème brûlée.  It was sweet, but not as much as the bread pudding.  I recommend ordering pork dishes at this restaurant.  The service was not very good, but their portions were big considering the price, and the food was also mostly tasty.

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