Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch at Dabin

今日のお昼は会社の人と3人で近所の韓国レストラン、Dabin へ行きました。韓国レストランなのにお寿司や天麩羅などの日本食のメニューもあります(おいしくないから頼みませんが)。まずはキムチなどの付き出し4種。

Today we went for lunch with two of my colleagues to Dabin, a Korean restaurant.  I don't know why, but they also serve some Japanese dishes such as sushi, tempura, etc (they are not good, so I wouldn't order them).  Four kinds of small dishes.

A cup of miso soup (which is Japanese!) comes with the lunch menu even when you order from the Korean menu.  Why?? 

Dolsot Bibim Bab (Bibim Bab served in a hot stone bowl).  At this restaurant, I don't order anything else.  Both of the colleagues I had lunch with have dogs, and we got excited talking about our dogs (they are very picky eater and totally different from Poirot who eats anything and everything).  

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