Friday, November 5, 2010

Poirot's New Clothes

先日日本に一時里帰りした際、実家の近所に新しいペットショップが開店していました。何か Poirot にお土産はないかと思い行ってみると、お洋服のセールをしていたので2枚購入。

When I went back to Japan a few weeks ago, I found a new pet shop opened near my family house.  I went there hoping I could get something to bring back to Poirot.  and bought two clothes for him.

これは雪の結晶柄のフリース。Poirot は胸板(というか、胸囲)が厚いので、ぴったりのサイズのお洋服を見つけるのが大変です。でもこれはすっぽりかぶるタイプなので、大丈夫。

This is the fleece with snow flake motif.

A view from the side.

Do you think he looks good?
もう1枚はちゃんちゃんこ。L サイズを買ったのですが、それでもかなりきつめ。モデルのワンちゃんが着ていた感じとはかなり違うかも。

Another clothe is a traditional Japanese style vest (?  wear this to keep yourself warm).  I bought Large size for him, but it is still very tight.  It doesn't look like it on the model (see the pic below).

This is what it is supposed to look like...

A side view.

His skin/fat around the neck is coming out of the cloth...

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