Monday, November 8, 2010

Poirot Feeling Cold...

ボストンはすっかり寒くなってしまいました。部屋の暖房を入れても足元が寒いので、電気ストーブもつけています(こたつが欲しい)。この電気ストーブの前は Poirot のお気に入りのスポット。Poirot は暑さにも寒さにも弱いので大変です。

It is getting very cold in Boston.  We turn on the AC in the room, but still feel cold around our legs, so we also turn on the electric heater.  The spot in front of this heater is Poirot's favorite place in winter.  He is not good at heat nor coldness (he is a high-maintenance little boy).

He just laid down in front of the heater (I wonder if it is not too hot), then started feeling sleepy, but it seemed like he was not comfortable sleeping on the floor.

And he woke up with the sleepy eyes and moved around....
かわいそうなので、折りたたみの椅子の上に Poirot の毛布を置いてやると早速その上に飛び乗りました。

I felt sorry, and made an temporary bed (Poirot's blanket on the folding chair) for him.

Finally he could feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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