Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to New Orleans Day 2 (2)

スワンプツアーの後、遅い昼食を Acme Oyster House で取りました。

After the swamp tour, we went to Acme Oyster House for late lunch.

As its name indicates, this restaurant is famous for oysters.  First we ordered a half dozen of raw oysters.  I liked them since they were not too much of sea flavor, but some people may prefer a stronger flavor.

We also ordered a half dozen of chargrilled oysters, which was really good.  We could eat more, but since we had a dinner reservation, we gave up.

However, we still ordered a combination plate which came with a cup of gumbo, jambalaya, etc.  But I did not like this plate very much.

My husband also ordered the gumbo in a bread bowl.  But I recommend eating only oysters at this restaurant.

Then, when we were walking in the gallery area behind the Jackson Square, we found a gallery which featured only dog-related stuff.  We found this ceramic Pug at the window, and could not resist to go inside. 

Inside, there were more pugs.  This is one of them.  Each one of them is hand-made by a local artist, and made of ceramics.  I found a cute one (smaller and reasonable price), so I got it!  I'll upload its picture once I get back to Boston!

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