Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip to New Orleans Day 1 (1)


For 6 days from today, I will be staying in New Orleans to attend a conference. Until Monday, my husband will be with me, too.

At first we had our breakfast at the Logan Airport in Boston. I ordered a fruit plate.

My husband ordered a full breakfast plate.

At the New Orleans Airport. It was humid and hot.

There are many Jazz-related statues like this in the city.
ホテルにチェックイン後は早速お昼ごはん。有名なポーボーイのお店、Johnny's Po-Boys へやって来ました。

After checking in the hotel, we came to Johnny's Po-Poys, a famous po-boy restaurant.

I ordered a combo plate with shrimp po-boy (half portion) and seafood gumbo.  This po-boy was much better than I expected!  Shrimp were big and juicy and were fried very crispy, but not oily.  There was only a little bit of mayo, which was good enough to add the flavor, and did not overwhelm the shrimp taste.

My husband ordered a combo plate with cattle fish po-boy and seafood gumbo.  We were amazed by these plates.  The bread was also very crusty (which I like) and very good.

The gumbo also had a very good seafood flavor.  We were quite happy with our first meal in New Orleans.

There are many bars in French Quater and we saw many people walking and drinking!

I love the archetectures in French Quarter.

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