Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar

今日は10月にオープンしたばかりの Island Creek Oyster Bar へ行ってきました!

Today we went to Island Creek Oyster Bar, which just opened last month.

The restaurant is very spacious and has the sleek and modern decorations.

This bread met our expectation!  The butter had a hint of sweetness from honey that was added to it.  So far so good.

We ordered Beaujolais Nouveau that just arrived last week.
ここに来たからには生牡蠣を注文しないわけには行きません。メニューには12種類の牡蠣がありましたが今回は地元マサチューセッツで採れた Island Creek, Moon Shoal と Wellfleet を4つずつ注文。これがと~ってもおいしい~。全く臭みがなく、でも濃厚な味わいで海水の塩辛さとマッチして最高。この間ニューオーリンズで食べた牡蠣よりもおいしいと思います。私はちょっと甘みのある Island Creek が気に入りました。

At first, of course we ordered raw oysters.  There were 12 different kinds of oysters in their menu, but tonight we selected Island Creek, Moon Shoal and Wellfleet, all of which were harvested here in Massachusetts.  They were amazingly good!  They had no fishy smells, but very rich flavor and matched very well with saltiness of sea water inside the shells.  I think these were better than those we had in New Orleans.  My favorite among three was Island Creek.
ここ2,3日食べすぎなので今回はアペタイザーの中から何皿かオーダーすることにしました。これは Oyster Gregory という一品で牡蠣にベーコンやリーク、パルメザンチーズなどを乗せて焼いたもの。これはまあまあ。

Since we have been eating too much in the past few days, we opted for several appetizers and no entrees.  This is the dish called "Oyster Gregory", grilled oysters with bacon, leek, Parmesan, etc.  This was OK.

This is "crispy cod cheeks".  The meat was very fatty and moist.  I can give it a high score.

Oyster stew.  We ordered one and requested to split it into the two cups.  I guess because of this, the liquid was almost all absorbed to the bread inside.  But the taste itself was very good - creamy and a little bit spicy.  I will request no bread in the stew next time.

We also ordered fries.  We were quite stuffed after eating all of these dishes.
とは言いつつも、デザートはやっぱりはずせません。サイダードーナツを2人でシェア。キャラメルソースとアップルサイダーが付いてきました。シンプルだけどおいしい。このレストランはノースエンドにある Neptune Oyster という人気のレストランに匹敵すると思います。でもこちらのほうがスペースも広く、予約も受け付けてくれるので利用しやすいかも。これからも利用したいレストランです。

The dessert was "cider donuts" which came with the caramel sauce and apple cider.  Simple, but tasty.  I think this restaurant is as good as  Neptune Oyster in North End.  But this one may be more convenient as it has much wider space and also accepts reservations. We'll definitely come back to this restaurant!

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