Friday, November 26, 2010

Laifu is Here!

昨日から Poirot のお友達の来福(ライフー)君が我が家に滞在しています。ライフー君のパパとママはお出かけ中。Poirot も遊び仲間ができてかなりうれしそう。

Poirot's friend, Laifu is staying at our place since yesterday as his daddy and mommy are away for the Thanksgiving break.  Poirot looks so excited to have Laifu here and to play with him!

They look too cute together,
sharing the chair.

Laifu fell asleep using the toy soccer ball as pillow.
そんな来福君が気になって仕方のない Poirot。じーっと来福君を見つめています。

Poirot is very curious about whatever Laifu does.  He is just staring at sleeping Laifu.

Then they moved to another chair and were whispering something to each other.
かと思ったら、何かが Poirot の気に障ったらしく突然ムンクの“叫び”のような顔をして来福君に吠えかかりました。すぐ収まりましたが何が理由だったのかはわからずじまい。きっと彼らには彼らなりの何かがあったんでしょうね。

But suddenly something got Poirot's nerve and he barked at Laifu (Poirot looked like Munch's famous painting "The Scream").  I didn't understand the reason for his barking, but I guess they have their own minds...

In the end, they both fell a sleep...

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