Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Dinner at East Ocean City

今日は私の?回目の誕生日。前日モントリオールから帰ってきたばかりなので特にレストランの予約などはしていなかったのですが、夫が是非お祝いしないといけないと主張するのでチャイナタウンにある私達の大好きなレストラン、East Ocean City へやって来ました (夫は自分が食べたかっただけだと思います)。

Today was my ? th birthday.  Since we just came back from Montreal yesterday, I didn't make any reservation for a restaurant.  But my husband insisted to go out for dinner to celebrate, so we decided to go to East Ocean City in China Town.

At this restaurant, we almost always order same dishes - this is my favorite soup, minced beef soup.

It was as good as ever!

Oysters with black bean sauce.  These oysters were ginormous!

We ordered a crab dish, and our waiter brought this crab (still alive) to us and asked us if this one was OK. 

And this is the crab after it was cooked!  It was soooo good!  I love crabs (much more than lobsters).

Of course we had eat the crab with our fingers, and cleaned our fingers in this finger bowl.

The stir-fried water spinach.

And this is also our must item here, the fried rice with salty dried fish and chicken.  We love this dish, but it has relatively strong dried fish smell, so maybe it is not for everyone.

After the meal, the dessert (tapioca in sweet soup) was served (for free).  Sometimes red beans or small pieces of taro are in the soup, but this time it was corns!  I don't want to eat corns for dessert (I love corns but not in sweet soup), so I removed corns from my bowl of soup.
また一つ歳を取ってしまいましたが、おいしい夕食を食べられたので良しとしておきます。この語家に帰ると夫がこっそり買っておいてくれたケーキが!おなかいっぱいだったのですが、せっかくなので一切れ食べました。ありがとう! (私としたことがレストランへカメラを持っていくのを忘れ、携帯のカメラで撮ったのできれいな写真が撮れず、残念。)

Well, I got one year older (which is kind of depressing), but I was happy to eat great dinner with my husband.  And he secretly bought a big cake for me, so after we came home each of us had a small piece.  Thank you!! (I forgot to bring my camera to the restaurant and had to use my cell phone to take pictures - that's why the quality of these pictures are very bad...)

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