Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breakfast at IHOP and Lunch at Sun Kong Restaurant

今日は土曜日なのに2人とも朝早く目が覚めてしまったので、しばらくほったらかしにしていた庭仕事+玄関の手すりのペンキ塗りをすることにしました。その前に腹ごしらえということで、近所の IHOP へ朝ご飯を食べに行きました。

Today, although it was Saturday, we woke up early (and coudn't fall asleep again), we decided to do yeard cleaning and some home improvement (which I didn't do when my husband was away for 2 months).  But before starting the work, we had to eat something and went tothe nearby IHOP for breakfast.
私は 2 X 2 X 2 という、卵2個、ベーコン2枚、パンケーキ2枚のメニューをオーダー。

I ordered teh 2 x 2 x 2 (2 eggs, 2 pancakes, and 2 slices of bacon).

My husband ordered the blueberry pancakes and eggs.  After getting full, we worked in our yeard/entrance, removeing weeds and painting the fence, etc, for 4~5 hours in hot weather...
その後いったん休憩してお昼ご飯。またまた近所の聚喜酒楼 (Sun Kong Restaurant) へ飲茶を食べにきました。これは小龍包。

Then we took a break for lunch - we came to Sun Kong Restaurant again for dim sum.  These are xiaolongbao.

Fried shrimp.  It was salty and good~.
こちらはおなじみのスペアリブの蒸し物 (豉汁蒸排骨)。

And the steamed spare ribs, as usual.
牛のセンマイの蒸し物 (牛柏葉) は夫専用。

The steamed beef tripe was for my husband (I don't like tripe very much).
イカの唐揚。ちょっとスパイシーでこれまたビールの進みそうな味です (私はビールは飲みませんが)。

Fried squid - a bit spicey and good with beer (although I don't drink beer).

And lastly the pork and duck egg porridge. After we went back home, we worked again for several hours and my muscles got very sore...

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