Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip to Montreal - Day 2 (1)


This morning we woke up late and had the breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Their food was OK but I liked mini-croissants a lot.
その後は地下鉄に乗って Marché Atwater へ!地下鉄 Lionel Groulx 駅から歩いてすぐです。

Then we headed to Marché Atwater by the metro.  It is located very close to Lionel Groulx station. 

Mostly, butchers, bakeries, cheese shops, etc are inside the building and vegetable/fruit stands are outside.

Vegetables were so colorful.

Their products were displayed very beautifully, which reminded me of the market we visited in France last year.

Eggplants and peppers in many different kinds of shapes/colors.  I felt happy by just looking at these vegetables.

Zucchinis were fashionably presented.

Strawberries from Quebec looked very yummy, so we got a small pack.  We had them at our hotel room, and they were good as expected.
このさくらんぼは今まで見たことのない種類で、見た目がすごくおいしそうだったので一箱買ってみたのですが、一粒食べるとめちゃくちゃ酸っぱい!! 後で調べてみるとサワーチェリーといって、パイなどのデザート用に使われるもので、生で食べるものではないようです。私はすっぱいものが好きなので、がんばって10粒ほど食べましたが、さすがの私も完食できませんでした。

I've never seen this type of cherries, and since they looked beautiful we got one pack as well.  But they were sooooo sour.  Later I found out these were called "sour cherry" and used mostly in desserts.  I love sour stuff, so ate ~10 of them, but even for me they were too sour to eat raw...  
このパン屋さん、Premiére Moisson はパンはもちろんのこと、ケーキやお惣菜などさまざまなものを売っていて、たくさんの人で賑わっています。

This bakery, Premiére Moisson, serves not only bread, but also various desserts, deli food, etc.

Their cakes looked very delicious...  I wish we had this kind of bakery in Boston...
ここでパンなどを買いたかったのですが、今日は食べる時間 (というかおなかがいっぱいで食べられない) がなかったので明日ボストンに帰る前に立ち寄って買い物することにしました。

We wanted to get bread and desserts here, but since we had no time (more accurately, no space in our stomachs), we decided to stop by tomorrow morning before we leave for Boston..
市場内を結構長い間うろうろと歩き回った後、市場内にある屋台 (?) でお昼ご飯を食べることにしました。これはシーフードのお店。

After wandering around the market for a quite long time, we had the lunch at the food stands in the market.  This is the seafood stand.

We ordered a lobster roll, but we both agreed that we had better lobsters in Maine.
もうひとつは海老のグリル。こちらはスパイスが効いていて good。

The other dish we ordered was the shrimp skewers. Shrimps were spiced up and very good.
これはシンガポール (マレーシア?) のお店で買った割包。まあまあいけます。このお店 (多分 Satay Brothers という名前) はすごく流行っているみたいで、行列ができていました。

This steamed pork bun was from the stand that served Singaporean (Malaysian?) food.  It was not bad.  This shop (I guess the name is Satay Brothers) seemed very popular and people were making line to order food.

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