Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip to Montreal - Day 2 (2)


We came back to our hotel to store fresh fruits, etc, that we bought at Atwater Market in the refrigerator, and then went out again.  At first, we visited the Underground City, which is the largest underground complex in the world. But we noticed there weren’t many people walking…  On a beautiful day like today, I guess no one wants to be underground.  So we quickly came back to the ground!

This is Saint James United Church.  We found many churches around this area.

We didn’t intend to, but found ourselves at the entrance of China Town.  So we decided to go inside.

China Town itself didn’t seem too big, but we found Chinese sweets called “dragon’s beard candy” we’d never seen in Boston China Town.

Sweet peanut paste was wrapped with very thin threads of sugar.  Its texture was similar to hard cotton candy.
誰の像だかわかりませんが、頭に鳩が止まっていました。よく見れば頭から肩の辺りにかけて糞まみれのような…。せっかくの偉人さん (多分) も台無しです。

I don’t know who this statue is, but a pigeon was on his head.  Looking closely, you’d notice that his head and shoulders are covered by (lots of) birds’ poop…

We were just wandering aimlessly, and came to the site for Montreal Film Festival.   It appeared to be started two days ago.  This time we didn’t plan to attend, but maybe we can come to the festival next year.

We kept walking slowly enjoying the beautiful city, and eventually came to the old city.

We were exhausted as it was hot and we walked a lot.   So we took a break at a café.

I found the poutine on the menu, and couldn’t resist ordering it.  I knew it had very high calories, but it was addictively good (although there was too much cheese) – ahhh, guilty pleasure!

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