Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Outing to Lowell Spinners Game


This afternoon, for my company's summer outing, we came to watch the baseball game of Lowell Spinners, which is the minor league baseball affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

The hurricane was coming this afternoon and when we left home it was raining so hard in our area but not raining around the stadium.

We got the group tickets that come with All-You-Can Eat BBQ, so we could enjoy the meal before the game started.  There were several other groups as well.

Of course we need to have corn on the cob in summer!!

Hot dogs.


Fried chickens.

And spare ribs.  Well, we found only meat...  We also had some salad, but I didn't see many people eating it...

When we were eating BBQ, it started raining very hard...  We didn't think they would still play in this rain...

We checked out the stadium but it was covered by the big plastic sheet.  

The seats are not covered and they were all wet. 

The players were preparing for the game, though...

Although we knew that the game would be canceled, there was no official announcement so we were just hanging around.  Then one of the players showed up and gave his autographs to kids.
ミーハーな私はこの選手が誰かなどまったく知らなかったのですが、サインをお願いしてみたところ快く書いてもらえました。後で調べたところ、彼は Michael McCarthy という名前のピッチャーでした。がんばって早くレッドソックスでプレーできるようになってほしいです。この後、結局試合は中止となり帰宅しましたが、代わりに来年の試合のチケットをもらえるらしいので楽しみにしておきます。

Although I didn't know who he was, I also asked for his autograph and he kindly gave it to me!  Later I found out that his name is Michael McCarthy (a pitcher).  Hope he can play in a major league soon!  Eventually the game got officially canceled and we went home.  But we will get another tickets for one of the games next year!

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