Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boston Harbor with Poirot

今日は友人とBoston Harbor Hotel 前で待ち合わせてお散歩に行きました。もちろん Poirot も一緒です。

Today I went for a walk around Boston Harbor with my friend.  Of course Poirot came with me.
わたしのほうが先に着いたのでベンチに座って友人の到着を待っていたのですが、この時点で Poirot はすでにばて気味の様子。

We made an appointment to meet up in front of Boston Harbor Hotel.  I arrived earlier, and by the time Poirot was already feeling hot and tired...

We walked around the seaport area, then took a seat at the outside patio of the restaurant called "The Times Irish Bar and Restaurant".  Both my friend and I had the dogs with us, we only have limited choices of the restaurant we could go.  I ordered the burger.
パティオにあるテーブルに座ったのですが、Poirot 君はパティオの中に入ることさえ許されません。でもちゃんとおとなしくパティオのフェンスの外側で待っていてくれました。

Poirot was not allowed to come inside the patio, but he behaved very well outside the patio (we were sitting by the fence).
食後はEmack & Bolio's のアイスクリーム! 私はバナナのアイスクリームを頼みました。クリーミーでおいしいけど、相変わらず量が多すぎ。このあともさらに2時間くらいあちこち歩き回ってから夕方に家に帰りました。

After the lunch we had ice cream at Emack & Bolio’s. I had banana ice cream, which was creamy and good, but as always, it was too big portion...  After the dessert, we walked again for another 2 hours or so and went home before 6 pm.
今日は暑かった上にたくさん歩いたので、家に着いたとたん Poirot 君は爆睡。

Since it was too hot for him and also we walked a lot, Poirot fell asleep as soon as we arrived home.

He is generally very sensitive to noise even when he is sleeping, but today he didn’t move at all even though I touched him or talked to him...

His face was very cute~.

But he still had a good appetite, so he woke up to eat his dinner but soon after that, he fell asleep again...  I guess he was totally exhausted...

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