Monday, August 15, 2011

Dinner at Spice of Melrose

近所にあるテイクアウト専門のタイ料理のお店、Spice Thai Kitchen がつい最近、レストランをオープンしました。今までたまにテイクアウトしていて味もまあまあなので、レストランの方にも早速行ってみることに。メニューは種類も値段もほぼ同じ。

Spice Thai Kitchen, a takeout/delivery only restaurant in Melrose recently opened a full service restaurant (Spice of Melrose) nearby.  We have ordered several times for takeout, and their food is not bad, so we decided to try their restaurant tonight.

これは Fisherman Fury という、海老、イカ、帆立、筍などを炒めてソースで和えたもの。なかなかいけます。

This dish is called  Fisherman Fury.  It has wok-fried shrimp, squid and scallops with bamboo, mushroom and vegetable in spicy basil sauce.  Not bad.

At this restaurant, a bowl of white rice has to be ordered separately.  I wish it would come with the dish...

This is the green papaya salad plate.  It comes with the salad, curry/coconut flavored chicken and sticky rice.  I love green papaya!  The service was slow I guess because they just opened recently.  Hope they get improved soon...

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