Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dinner at Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant

今日、サンディエゴに2ヶ月の長期出張に行っていた夫が無事帰宅しました。2ヶ月のうち一週間ほどはボストンに戻ってきていたとはいえ、やはり長期間留守番しているのは大変でした。まあ Poirot がいてくれたのでそれほど寂しくならずに済みましたが。夫も長時間のフライトで疲れていたので遠出する気分にはならず、とりあえず夕食は家から2~3分のところに最近できたモロッコ料理のお店、Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant へ行くことにしました。

Today finally my husband came home from San Diego where he stayed for 2 months for his job.  It was difficult for me to stay home alone (but Poirot comforted me!).  Since he was tired after the long flight, we decided to go to the Moroccan restaurant, Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant, located a few minutes away from home.  This restaurant opened recently but we had never tried before.

私はモロッコには以前 (まだ若かった頃) 2回程一人旅であちこち回ったことがあり、そのときにいろいろ親切にしてもらったりおいしいものを食べたりしてとてもいい思い出があるのですが、最近はモロッコ料理は食べてなかったのでこのレストランに来るのをとても楽しみにしていました。

I have been to Morocco twice by myself (when I was still young) and visited many places.  When I was there people treated me very kindly and I enjoyed many different kinds of food.  But since then I did not have Moroccan dishes many times, so I was very looking forward to trying this restaurant.
これはモロッコの定番スープ、ハリラ (harira)。メニューには lahrira とありましたが、多分同じもの。ひよこ豆や牛肉がたっぷり入っていて栄養満点な感じ。モロッコでもよく食べたのを思い出します。

This is the traditional Moroccan soup, harira (in the menu, it is called "lahrira", but I think it is the same thing).  It had a lot of chickpeas, lentils, beef, etc, and very healthy.  It reminded me of the soup I had in Morocco.

I forgot the name of this dish (not in the menu).  It was made of flaky dough and spiced beef was inside.  It was very yummy and very big (~10 x 10 inches).

For the main dish, my husband ordered the chicken brochettes.  It was grilled nicely and the portion was very generous, too.  I also like the side dishes (beets and green peppers, etc)

I ordered the chicken tagine.  I was expecting it served in a tagine pot, but it was on a normal plate.  But the chicken was juicy and flavorful.

We ordered the baklava, then the lady (owner?) at the restaurant gave us another dessert to try.  It was something like thick almond paste.

And the must-have item is the mint tea after the dinner.

It had a lot of mint leaves - it was sweet and fragrant.  Everything was very tasty and price was reasonable - we were very satisfied!! 

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