Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dinner at Estragon

夕食は、South End にあるタパスのお店、Estragon へ初めてやってきました。タパスは大好きなのですが最近食べてなかったので楽しみ~。

For dinner, we came to Estragon, a Spanish tapas restaurant in South End.  This was our first time to visit here.  I love tapas, but hadn’t have it for a long time, so I was very looking forward to it.

My husband ordered the Spanish beer called “Alhambra”.  I ordered the iced tea.

The first dish was the gazpacho.  The portion was bigger than I expected.  It had strong flavors of various summer vegetables and I liked it very much.  The cold soup is the best on a hot day like today.

The garlic shrimp (gambas al ajillo) – I can’t help but order this dish every time I see it on the menu.  The shrimp was very plump and succulent, and the smell of garlic enhanced our appetite.
リーク (白葱に似たもの) のグリル。これがまた甘くて最高。あと10本位食べたい!

The grilled leeks (puerros con Romesco).  Oh, sooo sweet and good. I could eat 10 more.
これは今日のスペシャル、お魚 (何のお魚かは忘れました) のグリル。付け合せのコーンとプチトマトはお店の裏にある菜園で採れたものらしいです。これはちょっと焼き過ぎでぱさっとしていたのが残念。

This was today’s special, grilled fish (I forgot what kind of fish).  According to our waitress, the corn and tomatoes on the dish were harvested in the yard behind the restaurant.  The fish was a bit overcooked and dry, though.

One of my favorites, marinated octopus (pulpito a la parilla)!  So tender and not rubbery at all.

The sauteed Brussels sprouts with chorizo and raisins (coles de Bruselas).  The salty chorizo and sweet raisins complemented each other and I liked this dish, too.
最後に食べたセージフレーバーのフランは値段の割りにいまいち。でもデザート以外はどれもおいしく、ボストン近辺のタパスのお店の中では一番好みかも。個人的には Toro よりも気に入りました。

And at the end, we shared the sage-flavored flan – this was not as good as I hoped for.  But everything else was very good, and this restaurant may be my favorite tapas restaurant in and around Boston.  Personally I prefer Estragon to Toro.

On the way back, we passed by the vegetable garden behind the restaurant.  The vegetables harvested here are served in the restaurant – they cannot be any fresher!

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