Friday, August 12, 2011

Dinner at Petit Robert Central

今日の夕食はダウンタウンにある Petit Robert Central にやって来ました。

Tonight we came to Petit Robert Central for dinner.

I purchased a coupon for 3-course prix fixe dinner for 2 at $20 (instead of $40 normally), and it was going to expire by the end of August...  So before I forgot to use it, we decided to come here tonight.
夫は白ワイン (シャルドネ?)、私はアイスティーを注文。

My husband had a glass of white wine (chardonnay?) and I gad the iced tea. 
バゲットはまあまあ。Kenmore Square にある Petit Robert Bistro で出されるものと同じ。

The baguette was not bad - same bread is served at Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Square.
夫の選んだ前菜はムール貝。ソースがおいしくて、パンに浸して全部飲み干して (食べ干して?) しまいました。

For the first course, my husband had the steamed mussels marinière.  The sauce was very good and we cleaned up the plate with our bread very well.

I chose the apple wood smoked salmon.  This was nothing special.

My main dish, the grilled skirt steak frites with bordelaise sauce.  I liked the sauce, but the meat was a bit tough.

My husband selected the "Tripes à la mode, Provençale".  We didn't know what to expect other than it contained tripes.  At first glance, it looked a sad version of minestrone soup, but it had lots of tender tripes and my husband liked it.

I chose "Sorbet Maison" for my dessert.  Mango, blackcurrant, and coconut flavors.  It was very refreshing.

My husband selected "One giant profiterole".

A huge portion of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  It was too heavy for me...

Coffee after the meal.  This restaurant is very casual and we saw many families with small kids.  Very relaxed atmosphere.

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