Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch at Capital Grill

今日は、関連部署の上司が私と同僚の計3人にお昼をご馳走してくれるということで、会社近くの Capital Grill へ行ってきました。ここは全国展開しているステーキハウスですが、チェーンレストランのくせに値段はかなり高いです。

Today my boss (not a direct boss but we are working on a same project) treated me and other two colleagues for lunch at Capital Grill.  This is the  (expensive) chain steak house.

I chose my dishes from the restaurant week menu (3 course meal for $20).  My first course was the field green, but it had a sad appearance, and was just the ordinary salad.

My main dish was the mini tenderloin sandwiches.  They were really mini.  The waitress gave me a steak knife, but I didn't even need to use it - it was just one bite!!

The steak itself was actually very good, but too small....

For the dessert, I chose the ice cream, but because of the power outage the night before, ice cream was not available.  So instead, I had strawberries with grand marnier sauce.  Since I didn't pay, I couldn't complain, but I was a bit disappointed - I wouldn't come here with my own money.  But the restaurant appeared very popular and crowded.  I guess there are lots of rich people!

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