Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brunch at 29 Newbury

今日は午前中 Newbury Street に来る用事があり、その後どこかでブランチを食べようということに。Poirot がいるので外にテーブル席のあるお店にしかいけません。そうなってくるといけるお店も限られてしまいます。なので目に付いた 29 Newbury に行くことにしました。

This morning we had to go to Newbury Street.  When finishing what had to be done, it was around lunch time and decided to eat something.  Since Poirot was with us, we could only eat outside which limited our choice of restaurants significantly.  So we ended up at 29 Newbury.

We passed by this restaurant so many times but never tried it before.
午後からは台風が来るらしく、かなりじめっとして蒸し暑かったので Poirot 君はばて気味。私の座っている椅子の下にもぐりこんで休んでいました。食べ物が運ばれてくると急に下から出てきたんですけどね。

The hurricane was supposed to be arriving this afternoon and it was very humid - Poirot looked exhausted.  He was laying down under my chair although he jumped out as soon as our food was delivered...

My husband had the club sandwich - it was a huge portion...

I ordered teh burger.

The meat was so thick that I didn't know how to tackle it.  I just cut it into small pieces on the plate and ate it...
私たちが食べている間中じ~っと物欲しそうにこちらを見つめる Poirot 君。ハンバーガーのパンをちょこっとだけやると、うれしそうに食べていました。本当に食いしん坊です。

During our meal, Poirot was staring at us, hoping he could get some treats from us.  At the end I gave him a small piece of the bread and he was so happy to eat it!

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