Friday, August 26, 2011

Dinner at Turner's Seafood Grill and Market

今日の夕食は近所の Turner's Seafood Grill and Market  へ。ここでは普段はバーの方に座るのですが、今日はバーカウンターが満席だったため、テーブル席に着きました。

Today's dinner was at Turner's Seafood Grill and Market.  We generally sit at the bar here, but today it was fully occupied and we sat at the table.

My husband ordered the draft Bud Light.  These days he orders "light" beer to reduce calorie intake - but I wonder how effective it is...

This is "Mussels Your Way" with "Belgium" sauce (shallots, leeks, Dijon and cream beer broth).

The cup of clam chowder.  A lot of clams in it!


My husband ordered the fish & chips.  This was the half size, but was still a huge portion.  The fish was very sick and the dough was thin and crispy - actually it was very good!

I chose the Cioppino.  It had clams, mussels, shrimp, salmon and swordfish.  This was also a huge portion.  This restaurant is very convenient for everyday use for us as it is very close to our house, and good dishes at reasonable prices.  

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