Thursday, August 11, 2011

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

今日は私の会社の部署の親睦会ということで、会社から車で15分くらいの所にある deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum へ行って来ました。ここは広々とした敷地内 (屋外) にたくさんの芸術作品が展示されています。一応室内展示品もありますが、作品数は少ないです。

Today my department at work organized a small outing and went to deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum just 15 min away from work.  In this place, many sculptures are exhibited outside in a quite large space.  There are some art work displayed inside the(small) museum, but not  many.

We had a perfect weather today to walk around the park.

This is the statue of a big head - it suddenly appeared and scared me!!
ペガサス (?) のブロンズ像。

The statue of a pegasus (?).

We had the lunch outside - when eating inside, I don't like sandwiches very much but somehow I felt more delicious outside!

This is the small museum where some artworks are also exhibited.

This is the statue of human fingers presented in front of the museum.  I don't know the meaning of this work....
美術館の屋上からは Sandy Pond という池が見渡せます。

From the rooftop of the museum, you can see Sandy Pond.  It was very tranquil and peaceful...

Is this called "art", too??

A big man sticking out from the ground.

These people are made of pine cones!!  I wonder if they can survive in the strong rain or wind.

A head of someone...  Where is the rest of  his body??

Two big hearts.

These hearts looked cute from far, but when we got closer, we found so many weird stuff glued to them.  I didn't get it - what is the message that the creator wanted to deliver??  There are many other artworks in the park, and it is free admission on weekdays during summer, so many families were visiting when we were there.  Kids looked really enjoy the park.  We had a great time, too!  

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