Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brunch at Highland Kitchen

今日はお気に入りのレストラン、Highland Kitchen へブランチを食べにきました。ここのブランチは (夕食もですが) 超人気で毎週日曜日、11時の開店前にはお店の前に50人以上の列ができます。

Today we came to Highland Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants, for brunch.  Their brunch (dinner as well) is very popular and every Sunday more than 50 people wait in the line before its opening at 11 am.

First we ordered the beignets.  They were fluffy and not too oily - I could eat many more.

It was difficult to choose one dish, but I finally decided to order the buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries and bourbon maple syrup.  The pancakes were airy and soft yet chewy - very good!! 
夫は "ダーティーバード" という名前のお料理を注文。フライドチキン、ベーコン、目玉焼きがビスケットの間に挟まっています。グレービーソースもたっぷり。

My husband ordered the dish called "Dirty Bird" - which consisted of fried chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, fried egg and sausage gravy on a buttermilk biscuit.
超高カロリーですが、フライドチキンとグレービーソースが何とも言えずおいしい! 他のテーブルの人たちもかなりの割合でこのお料理を注文していました。サービスも相変わらずきびきびしていて混雑していてもあたふたしてないのでこちらも落ち着いて食事ができます。おいしいしお値段もお手ごろなので人気があるのも当然だと思います。

I don't even know how much calorie you can consume with this dish, but it was soooo tasty.  We both loved the fried chicken and the gravy.  I saw many people ordered this dish as well.  The service was friendly and quick as usual even though the restaurant was very crowded (totally full + people waiting at the bar area).  Good food, good service and reasonable prices - no wonder this restaurant is so popular. 

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