Friday, March 23, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 8 (台北 (Taipei) - 京都 (Kyoto))


Today we had to leave Taiwan and headed to Kyoto, Japan where I am originally from.  Since our flight was at ~9 am, we skipped the breakfast and directly went to the airport.  This statue was in front of a souvenir shop in the airport – he looked cute.
空港では出発までデルタ (チャイナエアラインと共用) のラウンジで休憩。おいしそうな蒸し餃子や小龍包、あんまん等が湯気を立ててます。

We waited our flight in the Delta Lounge (shared with China Airlines).  In the lounge many different kinds of food, including dim sums, were available.

You can also order a bowl of noodles (cooked to order; 5~6 different kinds were available when we were there).  My husband ordered the beef noodles.
お抹茶やチョコレート味のパウンドケーキなどのほか、焼き芋もありました。チラッと隣のテーブルに座ってた人 (多分中国本土の人) のほうを見ると大きなお皿山盛りに焼き芋を取ってました (ちっちゃいお芋10本以上)。いくらただだからってそんなに取らなくても…。

Some sweets were also available.

During the flight to Tokyo, lunch (minced pork rice) was served. It was better than I expected!

After ~2 hours of flight, we safely landed to Tokyo.   But we had to wait for another 4 hours or so to take a domestic flight to Osaka.  We kept eating since this morning, but we went to a café to kill some time.

And my husband ordered the sandwich with fried pork.   I was full, but ate one piece.
伊丹から空港バスに乗って京都駅に到着後、迎えに来てくれていた私の両親と一緒に晩御飯を食べに行きました。金曜日夜の京都駅周辺は人であふれかえっていて、駅ビルの中のレストランはどこも行列ができています。どうしようかと思ったのですが、なぜか伊勢丹のレストラン街にあるお寿司屋さん、寿司清には待っている人がなく、すぐに席に付くことができました。まずは (私以外の人たち) はビールで乾杯。

We took a shuttle bus from Osaka and finally arrived at Kyoto.  My parents were waiting for us at Kyoto Station, and went for dinner together.  In the Friday evening, there were so many people (many tourists) around the station, and most of the restaurants nearby were fully occupied (with long waiting lines).    But finally we could find a table at a sushi restaurant , Sushi-sei, in Isetan department store adjacent to the station.

We ordered some appetizers including grilled squid legs.

My husband ordered the chirashi-sushi.  I took one bite of the sea eel, which was big and tender.

I ordered the sushi combo.

A small dessert was included in each dish and served at the end of the meal.   It’s nice to eat real sushi in Japan!

From the station, you can have a nice view of the Kyoto tower.  Every time I see the Kyoto tower, I feel I am home!

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