Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 9 (京都 (Kyoto))

今日は夫も私も疲れていたので朝から実家でごろごろしてました。お昼には母が家の近所のパン屋さん (志津屋: 京都に昔 (60 年位前?) からあるパン屋さんで京都に20件くらい支店があります) でサンドイッチを買ってきてくれました。これは海老カツサンド。

Today both my husband I were very tired and stayed home most of the time.  For lunch my mother got several different kinds of sandwiches from the bakery (Sizuya) near our home for us.  This one is the fried shrimp sandwich.

And this one is the beef cutlet sandwich.  The meat was thick and tender.

And this is our (and my parents’) favorite, the egg sandwich with thick, omelet-like eggs.  It was still warm and very delicious…

At night, we came to a ramen noodle place nearby. Here only ramen noodles are on the menu.  My husband loves noodles at this restaurant and we always visit here when we come back home.
とりあえずはビール (私はお水)。

First of all, a glass of beer (and water for me).

Several kinds of condiments (ground garlic, chives with hot pepper, etc) were on the table to add into your bowl of ramen noodles to enjoy different flavors.

I ordered the regular sized ramen noodles, and my husband ordered the large size.

Each bowl came with a lot of thinly sliced (Japanese style) char siu pork.  The meat was very juicy and tender, and noodles and soup were good as well.  My husband was satisfied, too.
その後家まで歩いて帰る途中にイオンモールに立ち寄り、中にある Nana’s Green Tea というお店でデザート。私は抹茶白玉ぜんざいにしました。

On the way home, we stopped at a café (Nana’s Green Tea) and had some desserts.  I ordered green tea with sticky rice balls and sweet red beans.

My husband ordered the green tea parfait.  He loves green tea parfait in general and every time he finds it on a menu, he orders it.  It was huge but he finished it all, of course.

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