Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 16 (京都 (Kyoto))

明日はアメリカへ帰る日なので、買い忘れたお土産などを買うため、京都駅周辺までショッピングにやって来ました (毎回お土産を買うのにすごい時間と費用を費やしてしまいます...)。

We are going back to US tomorrow and needed to finish our shopping (for mostly souvenirs - we always spend lots of time and money for souvenirs....).  So we came to the Kyoto Station area.
土曜日なので駅周辺は観光客で溢れかえっていて、レストランはどこも長蛇の列。なので伊勢丹の地下にあるカレー屋さん、サンマルコへやって来ました (ここでも少し待たないといけませんでしたが)。夫はカレーオムライス。

Since it was Saturday today, there were soooo many tourists in the area and we couldn't find any restaurants that we could get a seat without a long wait....  So we decided to try a Japanese-style curry house called San Marco (this shop is something between a restaurant and food court) in the basement of Isetan department store.  My husband ordered this dish. 

This dish is called "Omu-rice", Japanese fusion cuisine consisting of fried rice inside an omelette.  This restaurant's version was with curry-flavored rice with the curry sauce.  Yum.

I ordered the chicken curry.  The curry sauce for this dish (which had some acidity) was different from the sauce used in my husband's dish.  This was not bad, either, but I got only two pieces of chicken...
買い物の後、喫茶店で休憩しようと思ったのですが、これがまたどこに行ってもすごい人。普段はほとんどお客がいないようなお店でさえ、30分以上待ちだといわれました。信じられない...。でもなぜか駅ビル8階にある Honeybee に空席が!!

Then we continued shopping and tried to take a break at a cafe, but again, no seat was available wherever we went...  But we finally found one cafe (Honeybee) that had an available table!!

My husband requested to get the dessert with a piece of waffle, green tea ice cream, chestnut ice cream, and green tea jello with green tea syrup.  It was OK - nothing special.  A crowd of people got me exhausted and we went home after this.... 

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