Friday, March 30, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 15 (2)(京都 (Kyoto))

夕食には私の両親と一緒に鰻を食べに、祇園にあるう桶や う へやって来ました。

For the dinner, my husband, parents and I came to "Uoke-ya U” in the Gion district.  This restaurant’s specialty is eels (they only serves dishes with eels).

There are a few tables on the 1st floor, but our table was in a tatami room on the 2nd floor.

First of all, everyone except me had beer as usual.

Next we ordered an “U-maki”, a sort of eel omelet.

The egg was sooo soft and juicy (dashi broth was added to eggs).  I ate it quickly before it got cold.

Then came a big wooden container…

The cover was removed and we found beautifully grilled eels over the rice mixed with the special sauce.  It smelled great as well.

The soup with eel’s stomach/kidney parts also came with the rice.
桶から小皿に取り分け、山椒をたっぷり振っていただきます。ご飯のたれは薄めなので、私はテーブルにおいてあるたれをさらに上から少しかけました。鰻は超柔らかくて最高! 1人前2切れなのですが、ご飯もたくさん入っているのでかなりおなかが膨れます。もう食べられないと言いながらも4人で完食しました。また暫くこんなおいしい鰻は食べられません~。

Each of us transferred the eel and rice to our own plate, and added the Japanese pepper (called “sansho”) on top of it.  Ohhhhh, soooo gooood!  The eel was so tender and had nice flavor of charcoal (eels are grilled over charcoal).  You can’t eat such tasty eels in the US…

The main street in the Gion district (Hanami-koji Street) were occupied by full of tourists, but once you get into side streets, it usually is very quiet and elegant looking - very pleasant to walk.

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