Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 5 (1)(台中 (Taichung))


Today we left for Taichung for a short trip.  We stopped at the service area on the way but it was early in the morning and not many shops were open yet...
台中へは渋滞がなければ車で1時間半くらいで着くのですが、まずは台中を通り越し、さらに30分ほど南下した鹿港というところにある鹿港天后宮へやってきました。細~い道を車で進んでいくと、突然ど派手な3体の像が現れます。どうやらご本尊の「媽祖」とお供の鬼 (?) のようです。

It usually takes 1.5 hours by car from Taipei to Taichung.  But today we passed Taichung and kept driving south for additional ~30 min to visit Lugang Mazu.  We drove through very narrow streets and suddenly these very colorful, huge statues of "Mazu" and her two followers (?) showed up in front of us!


We went through this gorgeous gate with dragons to get inside.

At the center court you can get incense sticks and other offerings.
本殿の前のお線香立て (?) の飾りにも龍が!

In front of the main hall is this big incense holder with dragon decorations.

After visiting the main hall, we kept going and came out to the small court yard. 

In this court yard is a big pond called "Frying Dragon Pond".
さらにその奥にある凌凌霄寶殿の中にはきんきら金の飾り付けが! 今まで見たことのない派手さです。いかにも中華って感じ。

And further inside is the building called Ling Xiao Bao Dian.  Inside this building was very colorful (bright red, green, yellow, blue and gold) and is very "China-like"!!

On the streets in front of the Mazu were many restaurants.  According to my husband, fresh seafood is available as this area is very close to the sea.

Oyster omelets were cooked in front of many restaurants. 

Of course we had to try one of those restaurants!  First we ordered an oyster omelet - there were much more oysters than ones we usually have in Taipei.

This is a fried oyster pancake - I liked this one a lot!

I saw these turnip cakes grilled in front of the restaurant as well, which looked very yummy.  So we tried them but they were not very good...

There were also many food stands - this is the stand that sells fried seafood.

Small shrimp.

Small crabs.

And oysters!

We ordered the mix of two different kinds of shrimp, crabs and oysters - my favorite was crabs which were very crunch and flavorful!

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