Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lunch at Toraya


Today I wanted to eat some sushi, so we went to a Japanese restaurant, Toraya, near our house.  We were able to get our table as we arrived there right after the opening at 11:30 am, but within 15 min or so, all the seats were occupied (and many people were waiting for tables).

At first we ordered the willow leaf fish (called "shishamo" in Japanese), but they were very small...    I want to eat big ones!!!

My husband ordered the lunch box with tempra.

Tempura included two shrimp, sweet potato, egg plant, and some other vegetables.  They were not bad - not too oily.  

In addition to tempura, the box contained fried chicken, fried dumpling, grilled salmon, etc.
私はちらし寿司。夜のメニューで出てくるちらし寿司よりは小さめ (値段も安い) でしたがそれでもお魚がたっぷり乗っています。久しぶりにお寿司を食べたのでおいしい~。

I ordered the chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) - a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi. The lunch version is smaller (and cheaper) than the dinner version, but still had lots of fresh fish and was good.  I was happy to eat this dish.

We also ordered the hand-rolled sushi with eel.  They have limited menu for lunch, and my husband prefers dinner as the dish he wanted to eat was not available for lunch, but I am satisfied with their lunch menu.

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