Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 14 (1)(京都 (Kyoto))

今日のお昼は夫が親子丼を食べたいというのでどこがいいか迷った末、高台寺近くにある親子丼で有名なひさごさんへやってきました (来たのは初めてです)。いつも前を通るとすごい行列ができているのですが、今日は5分ほど待った後席に着けました。他のお客さんはほとんどみな観光客のようです。地元民は行かないと思います。

For today's lunch, my husband requested "oyako-don" (a Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, scallion and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice).  So we came to a famous restaurant for oyako-don, called "Hisago" (first visit for me).  Every time I pass by this restaurant, many people are waiting in line to get in.But today, we didn't have to wait.  I think most of the customers we saw were tourists (I don't think many locals would visit here). 

My husband ordered the oyako-don, of course.  It was not bad (actually good), but it was just ordinary and nothing really special.  I don't think it is worth waiting for a long time in line to try this dish (and it is not very cheap, either).

I was not very hungry, so I ordered chilled udon noodles.  It was OK, too.

After the lunch, we walked to Shijo Street, going through Yasaka Shrine.
河原町方面へ向かって歩いているとき鍵善さんの前を通りかかり、夫に “この前京都に帰ってきた時ここで葛きりを食べたんだよ”と言うと自分も食べたいというので入ることにしました。

When we passed by Kagizen, I told my husband that I came here last time I was in Kyoto and tried their famous "kuzu-kiri" (noodle-like strips made of the starch powder from the root of the kuzu plant, served with brown sugar syrup for dipping).  Then he insisted try it himself, so we got in.
いつものように、席に着くとまずお茶とお干菓子 (菊寿糖) が運ばれてきます。

As usual, as soon as we sat at the table, tea and the dried confectionery (called "higashi") were served.

I ordered "warabi-mochi", a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch and covered in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour).  It was very chewy which I like.

My husband ordered the kuzu-kiri, which was served in this two-layered, big container.

In the top layer was brown sugar syrup.

And the bottom layer had the kuzu noodles swimming in the cold water.

Dip the noodles into the syrup with chopsticks, then eat it!  The syrup was very concentrated and rich - yummy.  My husband also liked it very much.

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