Monday, March 19, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 4 (2)(台北 (Taipei))


We woke up in the evening and headed to tonight's restaurant, Din Tai Fung.  This is one of our favorite restaurant in Taiwan and we always visit here whenever we are in Taiwan.  We arrived at ~8:00 pm, but had to wait for 30 min to get our table.

First of all, the basic xiaolongbao.

I took a bite and the piping hot delicious juice from pork burst into my mouth.  This is the BEST!!
そしてこれは今回初めて注文した牛肉麺の麺なし (牛肉麺用のスープと大きな牛肉&牛筋)。このお肉がまたとっても柔らかくておいしい~。

This is the beef noodle soup without noodles (we didn't want to eat noodles) which had very tender big pieces of beef and beef tendon.  Very good.

This is the shrimp fried rice that we always order.  Shrimp were very plump, the rice was perfectly dry and lightly flavored with salt.
そしてこれが、私が一番大好きな、蟹味噌入り小龍包 (蟹粉小籠包)。

And this is my favorite dish in this restaurant, xiaolongbao with crab meat.

A perfect combination of the flavors from crab and and pork - this was heavenly good.  I can eat 30 of them!! 

And for dessert, we tried xiaolongbao with taro.  This was the first time we ordered this dish.

Inside was the mashed taro that was sweeten very lightly.  Amazingly good.  We'll definitely order this again next time!

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