Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 3 (2)(台北 (Taipei))


After the lunch, I wanted to visit the Longshan temple, but it was very crowded (because it was Sunday?) and we couldn't find a parking spot so we gave up.  The building in the picture is the Presidential Building that I took from inside teh car.

After driving around the city, we decided to go to the Taipei station - this station is very big - it has both bus and train terminals. 
この駅は最近 (去年?) 改装され、今や新しいレストランやお土産物屋さんがたくさん入っています。

The station was recently (last year?) renovated and now many restaurants and shops are in the building.

I found a shop for fresh fruit juice - they looked very delicious (fruits in Taiwan are very fresh, sweet and cheap).

I ordered a bottle of kiwi juice - it was very refreshing and good, but lukewarm...  I want cold things to be icy cold and hot things to be piping hot (I can't stand lukewarm stuff), so after one sip, I stopped drinking and took it home, kept in a refrigerator and had it next morning (it was still good!).
駅ビル内をぶらぶらと歩いていると、豆花のお店を発見! おなかいっぱいなのに誘惑には勝てずついついお店に入ってしまいました…。

When wandering around the station building, we found a dessert shop which served tofu pudding.  We were still very full, but couldn't resist the temptation and entered the shop..
私は豆花とピーナッツ、タピオカ (粉圓)、粉粿というゼリーとお餅の中間のようなもの (QQ) の入ったデザート。暖かいのとつめたいのが選べますが、今回は冷たいのにしてみました。豆花はいまいちでしたが、粉粿がもちっとしておいしい! 後で聞いたところによるとこの小南門というお店の粉粿はおいしいと有名らしいです。

I ordered the cold dessert (you can have it warm, too) with tofu pudding, peanuts, tapioca and something (I don't know the English name) similar to jello but much more chewy (like sticky rice cake).  The tofu pudding was just so-so, but this jello thing was very chewy and good (later I heard this shop is famous for this jello thing).

My husband ordered the one with tapioca, green beans and the jello thing.

その後さらにぶらぶらと歩いていると、先ほど一緒にランチを食べた夫の友人 (彼はなぜかいつも夫の家族との食事に参加する…ちなみに私達はジャッキー・チェンと呼んでいる;全然似てないけど) がどこからかやってきて、私たちに合流。そしてカフェに入り、このワッフルを注文。私は昼食+豆花のデザートでこれ以上何も食べられないくらいに満腹だったのでパスしましたが、ジャッキーと夫、そして姪っ子3人でこれを平らげてしまいました。ちょっと食べ過ぎちゃうん?

Then while we continued wondering the underground shopping center (which is connected to the station), my husband's friend who was at our family lunch (somehow he always joins our family lunch/dinner... I call him Jackie Chen although he doesn't look like him at all) showed up (I don't know how he knew we were there) and joined us.  Then he brought us to a cafe and ordered this Belgium waffle.  I was overstuffed with the lunch and dessert and couldn't eat it at all but they (Jackie, my husband, and his niece) finished it all...  How much can you guys eat??

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