Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 6 (2)(台北 (Taipei))


We came back to Taipei in the evening, and decided to have dinner in the food court in Taipei station.  First we tried this restaurant which was established in 1919 in Keelung.
注文したのは看板メニューである米汁粉でできた鼎邊坐というおうどん (?) みたいなもの。それに魯肉飯とレタスを茹でたものが付いたセットです。あっさりしたシーフードベースのスープで、麺がもちっとしてかなりおいしい!

We ordered the noodle soup (this restaurant is famous for this dish) combo which came with the minced pork rice and vegetables.  The soup was the seafood base and very light but flavorful.  The noodles were nicely chewy and good, too.
もちろんこれだけでは足りないので、数件隣にある "木桶焼" という、日本風 (?) のお店のお料理に挑戦。

Of course it was not enough for us and we tried another restaurant.

And we ordered this huge combo meal.  It had a fried squid, a fried shrimp, a fried egg, pork stew, vegetables, rice and soup.  It was heavy but not too bad.
さらに夫は牛肉麺を食べたいというので、牛肉麺専門のお店が6~7件集まっているブースに行きました。どこにしようか迷ったのですが、最近超人気のNBAプレーヤー、林書豪 (Jeremy Lin, 両親が台湾出身で、彼はハーバード大卒) も来た事があるらしいこのお店にしてみました。

Then my husband insisted to try beef noodles, so we came to this restaurant - it appeared that Jeremy Lin visited this place, too..
麺にこしがあってかなりおいしいかも! 夫も気に入ったようでした。

Their beef noodles were better than I imagined - beef was tender and noodles were chewy.  My husband liked it a lot, too.

The noodles come with a small dish of your choice, and I chose the cucumber salad.  It was spicy nad very garlicky.
さらにその後すぐ向かいにある、先日も訪れたお店、小南門へデザートを食べにやって来ました。今回はタピオカ (粉圓) と粉粿の組み合わせにして見ました。やっぱり粉粿、おいしい!

We further tried the dessert at South Gate, which we visited a few days ago.  Very good and refreshing!

On the way back to the parking lot, we saw many many motorcycles waiting for a traffic light.  I am always amazed by motorcycles in Taiwan - they are soooo many and drive like crazy!

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