Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 5 (3)(台中 (Taichung))


At night, we met up with my husband's niece (who goes to a college in Taichung) and her boyfriend and went to Feng Chia night market.  This night market is adjacent to Feng Chia University and is always very crowded with students and young people.

There were many food stands with wide variety of food - I got very excited just by walking along streets.

This stand sold something similar to Japanese "takoyaki" (savory ball-shaped pancake filled with diced octopus and some vegetables) - I'd never seen this in Shilin night market in Taipei. 

They looked exactly same as "takoyaki" but were filled with shrimp instead of octopus.
そして上にのっているトッピングが台湾風。胡麻入りのソースとさらにその上に白菜のお漬物が付いてきます (お漬物は辛いのと辛くないのと半々にしてもらいました)。もう蛸焼きとは全く別物の味になっています。

And also the toppings were a Taiwanese-style - the flavor of the sauce was different (with sesames) and pickled cabbage was on top of the pancakes.  It tasted totally different from "takoyaki".

I hadn't seen this food stand, either.

Here you can get grilled small shrimp with different seasonings (you can choose the ones you like from 10 or so different kinds of seasoning).  Shrimp were very crunchy and tasty.

Then we tried a Taiwanese style sandwich with duck meat.

Shredded duck meat and vegetables/condiments were on the stand.

And this is the sandwich we got. It was somewhat similar to Peking duck and tasted better than I thought.

By this point, I got thirsty and ordered a cup of lemon juice with aiyu jelly.  

I also requested to add kumquats juice, then a lady squeezed fresh juice out of many kumquats.  It was sour (but not too sour) and very refreshing - very, very good!
歩いていて臭い匂いがする! と思ったら案の定、臭豆腐のお店が。この匂いだけは何回台湾に行っても慣れません。

While keeping walking, I suddenly smelled terrible smell and as I expected, I found a stand for stinky tofu...  I can never get to used to this smell no matter how many times I visit Taiwan...
さらにその後、牡蠣入りの麺線 (大腸蚵仔麺線) のお店へ!

Next was Taiwanese thin noodles with oysters -

I LOVE thin noodles.  Its soup was very thick and tasty.  

And my husband even got fried chicken from this stand..

I was already very stuffed, so tried only a piece but it was freshly fried and quite good!  In addition to food stands, there are many shops selling clothes, etc in this night market and it was very fun just walking streets.

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