Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 6 (1)(台中 (Taichung))


Breakfast was included in our stay at the hotel, so after we got up we came to the hotel's restaurant.  It was a buffet style - Chinese, Western and Japanese style breakfast was available.

They also had cooked-to-order omelet and we ordered one.

We checked out the hotel after breakfast, and headed to Pao Chueh Temple.
ここには金色の巨大な弥勒大仏像 (七福神の布袋さん) があるので有名です。大仏像に行く通り道の脇にも布袋さんを発見。

This temple is famouse for a statue of a giant smiling Buddha.  This is a small statue of the smiling Buddha that we found on the way to the big Buddha.
さてこれが大仏像。めちゃくちゃ大きい! そしてめちゃくちゃ朗らかでにこやかな顔! 見てるだけでこっちまで笑顔になってきます。

And this is the golden Buddha.  It is really huge and shiny.  His smiley face made me smile!

And this is the main hall of the temple.

Inside were the shiny Buddha statues, too.


Within the grounds of the temple is a small Japanese Shinto Shrine dedicated to the Japanese (including Taiwanese) soldiers who were fighting overseas during the war.

After enjoying the temple, we then we visited one of our favorite tea house, Wu Wei Tsao Tang.

The tea house is face to a big, busy street, but once you pass the entrance gate, it is totally a different world - very tranquil and calming...

They have Japanese-style tatami rooms.

But we always request this table faced to a pond.  Many carp were in the pond.

Once you order the tea you want to drink, a big kettle is brought to your table and put on a charcoal heater (to keep water hot). 

Then a tea set follows.  I have been to Taiwanese-style tea houses many times, so now I know how to prepare tea.  I love Taiwanese woo-long tea.

We also ordered several small dishes to enjoy with our tea.  These are the steamed parsnip cakes.  It was OK.

The steamed cakes made of brown sugar.  Piping hot and very soft...  Very tasty!
草餅風のお饅頭。去年食べたときは中はあんこだったのに今回はなぜか切り干し大根が!! これが何ともいえない微妙な味。何で切り干し大根~? あんこの方がよかったのに~。

The sticky rice cakes.  When we had the same dish last year, inside was sweet bean paste.  But this year, it was shredded daikon radish!  Why daikon radish??  I prefer sweet bean paste!!

These are the purple yam balls.  They were very yummy like last year.  We relaxed here for more than 2 hours...

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