Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lunch at MET Bar

今日は諸事情により一人で Back Bay までお出かけ。朝食も食べず出かけ、用事が終わったのは午後2時。おなかペコペコです。どこで遅いお昼ごはんを食べようかとちょっと考え、MET Bar に行ってみることにしました。一人なので地下のバーカウンターに座りました。この時間でもほぼ満席。

Today I had something to do in Back Bay by myself.  I left home without having breakfast, and didn't have a chance to eat until 2 pm.  I was very hungry and decided to get a late lunch at MET Bar.  Since I was alone, I took a seat at the bar in the downstairs.        
なんか急にお肉が食べたくなって、ハンバーガーを注文。基本のバーガーに、トッピングを追加。いくつかある中から "Tokyo" というトッピングを選びました。

Suddenly I got a craving for meat, so I ordered a burger.  Different toppings can be added to the basic burger.  I chose the set of toppings called "Tokyo".

It came with avocado, muenster, pickled onions, sticky soy, daikon sprouts and wasabi mayo.  The meat was juicy and avocado was very creamy and rich.  It was too big to finish it all - I was stuffed.

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