Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 8 (1) (京都 (Kyoto))


We woke up late this morning again, then came out to have lunch at the restaurant in Kyoto Hotel Okura.  It's right in front of the City Hall.  I used to come to this hotel when I was very little to have lunch and dinner, and have a very fond memory (although the name of the hotel changed and the building was totally renovated).


A Statue of Kogoro Katsura, a Japanese statesman in the 19th century.

This is the entrance of the restaurant, Ryoi, which serves local vegetables.

Going through the narrow corridor.

The restaurant has the tables in the terrace as well where the view of historic spot, Ichi-no-funairi, ca be enjoyed.  But since it was a bit chilly, we got our table inside.

I ordered the "Kyoto vegetable plate" (not vegetarian, though).  More than 15 different kinds of local vegetables were used in this dish.

Each one of them was very light and mild.  And it looked beautiful as well.
ご飯は五穀 (?) 米。

The rice contained other cereals/beans.

My husband ordered this eel and egg dish.  This was OK.

Coffee after the meal.  I wanted to eat a dessert, but since we already have a big list of what to eat I skipped it this time.
食後はすぐ側にある高瀬川一之船入までやってきました。これは高瀬川に作られた船入 (荷物の上げ下ろしや船の方向転換をするためのスペース) で、国により名勝天然記念物に指定されています。

We left the restaurant and visited Ichi-no-funairi (national memorial) on the Takase River.

The boat that used to transport various goods and resources in the center of Kyoto (from early 17th century to early 20th century). 

By the water were several cherry trees - although it was a bit too late for full bloom, they were still very beautiful.

The pink carpet made of cherry blossom petals.

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