Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 8 (2) (京都 (Kyoto))


We kept walking to the Kamo River.  Geese were looking for their food in the water. 

Cherry trees along the river -so beautiful...

Then we came to Ponto-cho, which is a district known for geisha and home to many geisha houses and traditional tea houses.  This is  Kaburenjo Theatre where geisha perform the Kamogawa Odori (Kamo river dancing), a combination of traditional dance, kabuki-like theatre, singing and the playing of traditional instruments.

By the theater, many sake barrels were displayed.

It has been a quite long time since I last visited Ponto-cho.  I was a bit shocked as it changed a lot - it now became so touristic...

But the traditional tea houses are still there, too.

A figure of maiko (apprentice of geisha) on the sign of a restaurant.

I don't know what kind of tree, but we just took a picture as it was so beautiful and a perfect match with the background.

Tiny spaces in front of each building were decorated nicely.

先斗町から河原町通りに出て、この Honeybee というカフェで一休み。

And we took a tea break at a cafe called Honeybee.
夫は"和フェ+ジャポネ (抹茶)" という、ワッフルのついた抹茶パフェのようなものを注文。豆乳アイスクリームと、あんこ・白玉を添えたジャポネスタイルだそうです。

My husband ordered a Japanese style parfait.

I ordered the brown sugar granité.

It came with soy milk which I poured onto the granité. 

We got some energy back after the break, and continued wandering and came to Nishiki Market.  This market is getting more and more touristic every year and I couldn't enjoy it as much as I used to...  It's a totally different place now compared to when I was a child...

But my husband insisted to eat this grilled squid, so I ordered one for him.

But it was just OK and the service was not good (I can't stand bad service especially in Japan where the good service is most important).  I decided not to visit this shop again!

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