Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 8 (3) (京都 (Kyoto))


Tonight my mother went out with her friends, so my father, husband and I went to eat ramen noodles near our house (my husband requested it).  According to my father, this ramen restaurant (Daiei) is pretty good.

The restaurant has only 13 seats on the counter, and only ramen noodles (with or without roasted pork meat) are served.

A bowl of spicy leeks was on the counter - you can add it to your ramen if you'd like.

A jar of ground garlics was also on the counter.

And a jar of spicy miso.  By adding these, different flavors can be enjoyed.


My father and husband had beer and I just had water..

My husband ordered a big bowl of ramen noodles with port.  It was huge and a lot of sliced pork meat was on top of the noodles.

I ordered the normal size of ramen with pork. 

You can see the difference in size here - the pork bone was used to prepare the soup, but surprisingly it was very light and not fatty at all.  The meat was sooo tender and didn't disturb the flavor of the soup.  Very good!  I feel sad when I compare this bowl of noodles to ones we have in Boston.....

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