Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 6 (台北 (Taipei) - 京都 (Kyoto))

今日はいよいよ台湾を出発して日本へ帰国です! 空港にちょっと早めに来たのですが、さすがにこの数日の暴食がたたって食欲はなく、コーヒーだけ飲みました。私はなぜかどこに行っても空港でご飯を食べるのが好きなのでちょっと残念。写真は空港内にあった台北101のミニチュア。

Today we'll leave Taiwan for Japan!  We came to the airport early, and although we generally eat one last meal in the airport (somehow I love to eat in airports anywhere in the world), we couldn't this time as we were too full from overeating the past few days.  This is the picture of the miniature Taipei 101 in the airport.

First we flew to Narita (Tokyo).  It was a short flight, but the breakfast was served.

During the flight, we could see Mt. Fuji very well.

This time we decided to fly from Tokyo to Osaka in order to go back to my home in Kyoto.  To take domestic flights, we had to take a shuttle bus to another terminal.  From the window of the bus, we saw many cherry trees blooming.  I love cherry blossomes!
JAL に乗ったのですが、かなり小さな飛行機でした。

Our plane was very tiny.
実質40分くらいで伊丹空港に着きました。到着直前に大阪城がよく見えました。お堀の周りの桜も満開の様。伊丹からは空港バスに40分ほど乗って京都に到着しました! 京都駅まで両親が迎えに来てくれ、一緒に夕食。

The flight time was only ~40 min.  RIght before landing, we could get a clear view of Osaka Castle.  Cherry blossoms around the moat as well.  From Itami (Osaka) airport, we took an airport bus to Kyoto, where my parents were waiting for our arrival.  Then 4 of us went for dinner.

We wanted something light, so we decided to eat soba (buckweat noodles) at Tagoto, a traditional Japanese restauran, located in the department store adjacent to the Kyoto station.
まずは (私以外) はビールで乾杯。

First of all (except me), beer!!

Fried buckweat noodles came with our beer.  It was seasoned well, and I couldn't stop eating it once started.

My father ordered this set (cold soba, tempura, rice with bamboo shoots, etc).

And my mother ordered this cold noodles.  The noodle sauce was poured on top the noodles right before eating.

I ordered this big set - I wasn't very hungry, but this one looked so tempting on the menu...
でも、お蕎麦はやっぱりおいしい! ちなみにお蕎麦はおかわり自由です (さすがにおかわりはしてませんが)。

The noodles were very good (all-you-can-eat noodles although I did not order additional ones!).

And this one was for my husband - a big set, too.

In addition to hot noodles, rice with bamboo shoots and a dessert, the set also had tempura, sashimi, and otehr small dishes.  Ahh~ I feel so relaxed in Japan, eating this kind of food with my family..

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