Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Pray for Japan" Charity Lunch


Today we organized "Pray for Japan" charity lunch at my work place.  We sold salad, pan-fried noodles (yakisoba), Japanese style curry + rice and desserts for $10/person.  All the proceeds will be donated to victims of recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan through the Japanese Association of Greater Boston and the General Consulate of Japan in Boston.

All the dishes were home-made.  We served two kinds of salad - green salad and tuna/daikon radish salad.  The dressings were of course the Japanese styles as well.

We cooked the noodles on the spot.  We were so professional, don't you think?

The curry was cooked a day before and warmed up to serve.  We also brought rice cookers from home and served freshly cooked rice.  

Our colleagues (Americans, Indians, Chinese, etc) helped us and prepared various desserts for us.

These were the sticky rice balls (red bean paste inside).  Home-made by one of Chinese colleagues!

This was the rice pudding prepared by an Indian colleague.  There were many other desserts as well. Everyone told us the foods were very good!  We collected more than $1,000 from this charity lunch.  In total, we got more than $10,000 for donation from our colleagues.  I am very thankful to all of my colleagues who made donations to Japanese people in need.  Hope our donations will help the people affected by the horrible disasters...

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