Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 4 (5)(基隆 (Keelung))

ホテルから基隆までは距離的には短い (10-15 km) のですが、山道のため車で45分ほどかかってしまいました。ここが基隆廟口夜市の入り口です。

From our hotel to Keelung, it is short distant wise (less than 10 miles), but it took us longer time than we thought (~45 min driving) due to narrow, hilly roads.  And this is the entrance to Keelung Night Market.

Both sides of the street are food shops.  I got so excited when I saw this!

A temple inside the market.  Unlike Japanese temples, Taiwanese temple are so colorful.

Maybe because Keelung is the port city, I think more shops serve seafood than in Shilin Night Market.  I found these humongous octopus legs in this shop.

Since I am an octopus lover, I couldn't resist ordering one!

Once we placed an order, a lady at the shop opened it up into half and grilled both sides over charcoal, and put soy sauce based sauce.  

When it got ready, the lady cut it into small pieces and put them into a container.  It was chewy (but not rubbery) and good!

Next was a cup of crab meat soup at this place.

It got a lot of crab meat, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.  This was tasty, too!
お次はこちらのお店。ここでは鶏の唐揚げや台湾風天麩羅 (魚のすり身等の練製品を揚げたもの) が売られています。

And this was the next shop.  Here, fried chickens, Taiwanese-style tempura, etc were served.

Already cooked foods were displayed, but once an order is placed, they fry them again to serve hot ones.

It is not very clear, but this is the fried chickens and tempura that my husband ordered.  Chili powder can be added if requested.


And lastly the dessert - so called "pao-pao ice".  This pao-pao ice is originated from Keelung.

It is somewhat similar to sorbet when it starts melting.  Many flavors were available, and we chose the green mango flavor.  It was sweet/sour and very refreshing.  After this, we finally got satisfied and returned to our hotel.  Then we took another bath and went to bed.  We did many things in one day!

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