Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 4 (4)(金山 (Jinshan))


After enjoying sightseeing, we checked in the hotel (Ba Ian Hot Spring Resort) in Jinshan.  Jinshan is on the coast in northern New Taipei City and famous for hot springs.

The hotel is surrounded by mountains and it was very quiet when we were there.

A small river runs in front of the hotel.  The brownish/orangeish color is probably due to sulfur.

In this hotel, each room has its own garage and entrance. 

This is the room we stayed in.  This room was not as gorgeous as the one we stayed in Taichun last year although the price was similar - I guess it is more expensive because Jinshan is much closer to Taipei.
でももちろんそれぞれの部屋で温泉が楽しめます。着いて早速ひと風呂。泉質は多分硫黄泉で、出てくるお湯には湯の花がありました。表示には pH 6.6 とあったので弱酸性ですね。

Of course you can enjoy the hot springs in your own room.  As soon as we arrived, we took a nice bath!  The water is slightly acidic (pH 6.6) and contains sulfur.

Outside is the large public bath (with hot spring).

And the terrace with a nice view is on the roof .  We relaxed here.
その後、ホテルでの夕食。台湾の温泉ホテルは大概一泊二食付きです (食事なしでもOKですが)。夫が誰かからこのホテルは食事がおいしいと聞いたらしいので楽しみにしていたのですが、かなりというかとてもがっかりする味で、ほとんど残してしまいました (一つずつ説明する気も起きません)。これでは到底満足できないのでこの後食べ物を求めて基隆夜市へ繰り出しました。続きはこの後で。

And the dinner in the hotel restaurant!  I was looking forward to the dinner very much as my husband heard from someone that this hotel served good meals.  But unfortunately, my expectation was turned down badly (I don't even want to explain the individual dish we were served).  We didn't eat much at all.  Since we were so disappointed we decided to go to Keelung Night Market for better food... To be continued..

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