Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 4 (1)(台北 (Taipei))


Today we were very busy with many plans.  But first we went to Dintaifung in the Sogo department store.

We used to go to the original one, but after the branch in the Sogo department store was open, we always come to this one.  It is convenient for us as we can park our car in the department store parking lot and also can buy souvenirs after our meal. 

We almost always order the same dishes.  This is the seaweed salad.
小籠包は普通のと蟹入り (蟹粉小籠包) の2種類注文します。この写真は蟹入りのもの。普通のより少し黄色っぽい色です。

Two different kinds of xiaolongbao (normal one and one with crab meat) are the must items here.  This is the ones with crab meat. (the color is yellowish).

This is the normal one (pork meat).

It was very juicy as always!  So good!

Sauteed water spinach.

My favorite, shrimp fried rice.  A lot of shrimp and the rice was nicely dry.  I love it!

And this is the new menu, the pan-fried shrimp dumplings.

I wasn't expecting, but it was very juicy and I spilled the juice after the first bite.  This was also yummy.

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