Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 16 (京都 (Kyoto) - 東京 (Tokyo) - Boston)


Finally we had to go back to Boston (although I would love to stay longer).  We enjoyed our trip very much (always good to see our families) and ate a lot of good food as well!  I don't know when I can come back next time, but hopefully sometime soon... The picture is Mt. Fuji on the flight from Osaka to Tokyo.

At Narita Airport, we ate our lunch at the Chinese restaurant where we ate last year as well.  This is the set menu (fried rice and knife-sliced noodles).
刀削麺 (排骨) はまあまあ。

The noodles (with pork) were OK.

The fried rice included diced beef and was tasty. 
こちらは刀削麺 (麻辣) と餃子のセット。

This is anotehr set menu (the soodles (spicy broth) and  the pan-fried dumplings).

The soup was not too spice, and I liked this flavor better than the pork one.
アメリカ行きの機内食は相変わらず (でも、日本で作られているのでアメリカからの飛行機の機内食よりはましかも)。ほとんど残して、成田空港で買いこんできたパンやお寿司を食べてすごしました。自宅に夜着いて明日から仕事ってかなりきついな~。

The meal on the flight from Japan to the US was terrible as always.  But we bought a lot of bakery, sushi, etc at the airport and ate them instead, so we didn't feel hungry.  We arrived home at ~8 pm.  It was so tough to get up and go to work the next day..

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