Friday, April 15, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 7 (京都 (Kyoto))


We had the late start this morning - woke up late and stayed home until the afternoon.  Then we walked to the Kyoto station.  This is the cherry tree in a small shrine infront of my house.
京都駅南側 (八条口) はここ数年ですっかり改装されきれいになって、新しいお店もたくさんできました。このパン屋さんもその一つ。ここは京都では有名なフレンチレストラン、奥村さんによるプロデュース。

Inside and around the station are the many shops (cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc) and it is very fun just walking.  This is the bakery produced by a famous French restaurant, Okumura, in Kyoto.

Many delicious-looking bread in a tiniy space.

It was difficult to decide which ones to buy since they all looked so good, but eventually I chose several ones including this cubic-shaped Danish containing salt caramel inside.  They are for tomorrow's breakfast!

Several doors down is Eiraku-ya, the shop for traditional Japanese hand towels (tenugui) and wrapping clothes (furoshiki).  This shop was originally started in 1615 (almost 400 years ago).

There are so many traditional and beautiful designs, and I always visit this shop when I am in Kyoto.

Also, there are many unique or interesting designs.

Different sizes are available, so you can use these pieces of cloth not only as towels but also as hand bags, scarfs, decorations on the wall, etc.  Many foreigners like these, too, so I usually buy several of them to give out to our friends in US.
そして夫の大好きな (私も好きですが) たこ焼。どこに行ってもたこ焼きのお店を見つけるたびに注文させられます。こちらは京都駅地下街にある銀だこ

We then walked the underground shopping center.  This is one of my husband's favorite snacks, takoyaki (ball-shaped savory pancakes filled with a piece of octopus).

They are made in a special pan (most of families in the west part of Japan have this pan at home).  You can see the big pieces of octopas.

And these are the cooked one.  Looked so yummy~

Special sauce (slightly sweet), dried bonito flakes, dried green seaweed flakes and mayo were on top of these balls.  So good.

These are the rusks baked with shichimi (Japanese spice, meaning seven flavors) sold on the bakery called "Shin-Shin Do" (a well-known bakery in Kyoto).  I love this and always bring back several bags to US.

Other breads looked so good, too.  I love Japanese bakeries!  I can't find any very good bakeries in Boston.

When we were walking in front of the department store, we found this exhibition - in old days, people had parties under cherry bloosoms in this way to enjoy the most loved flower in Japan.  We still have parties even now during the cherry bloosom season in parkes, gardens, etc.
この展示の裏側にある Cafe Du Monde を夫が見つけ、ニューオーリンズで食べた beignet (揚げドーナツのようなもの) をどうしても食べたいというので注文しに行ったら、なんと置いてあるのはサンドイッチなどばかりで beignet はありません。何で~、Cafe du Monde といったら beignets でしょ~。

Behind the exhibition is Cafe du Monde.  My husband insisted to order some beignets as he loved them in New Orleans.  But surprisingly, beignets were not on the menu (they served sandwiches, etc).  Why, oh why?  Cafe du Monde = beignet, isn't it?
仕方がないのでコーヒーだけ注文。ちなみにこのカップにも、Cafe du Monde と書いてある下に Coffee & Beignets ってちゃんと入ってるんですよ~。

SO we just ordered coffee.  And the coffee cups said "Coffee & Beignets" (under "Cafe du Monde" sign), too!  But they serve no beignets??
でもちゃんとバーボン通りの標識はあります (実際にはバーボン通りに Cafe du Monde はありませんが)。まあコーヒーはおいしかったのでよしとしておきます。その後さらにぶらぶらした後、家に帰って母の手作りの夕食。甥っ子たちも遊びに来て、大喜びで夫が先日購入した iPad2 で遊んでいました。

The sign said we were on Burbon Street (although Cafe du Monde is not on Burbon Street).  Well, at least our coffee tasted good.  Afre we continued walikng a bit more, we went home and my mom's home made dinner (the best).  My nephews were visiting, too, and they loved our iPad2 so much.  They could learn how to operate it so quickly although the youger one is only 5 years old...

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